Finding of Wrondoing at the Parole Board of Canada

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Ottawa, January 30, 2014 – The Public Sector Integrity Commissioner, Mario Dion, tabled a Case Report of wrongdoing today in both Houses of Parliament. The report concluded that wrongdoing was committed by the former Regional Vice-Chairperson of the Ontario/Nunavut region of the Parole Board of Canada, Mr. Frederick Tufnell. 

Commissioner Dion’s Office found that Mr. Tufnell contravened the Corrections and Conditional Release Act by placing himself in a conflict of interest situation when he requested that a new decision be taken in a particular file despite the fact that Mr. Tufnell had previously advised management of the Parole Board that he could not “vote” on it and that a decision had already been rendered during the course of an independent decision-making process.  The Office also found that Mr. Tufnell breached the Parole Board’s Code of Professional Conduct when he demonstrated inappropriate behaviour towards female employees in the workplace, criticized Parole Board members to outside parties and disclosed information to individuals who were not authorized to receive it.

“This case report marks a first in the history of my Office where the allegations we investigated were a result of information obtained during the course of another investigation by my Office and not from an individual making a protected disclosure.”, states Dion in his report.

“Having the power to investigate wrongdoings as a result of information gathered during the course of another investigation is an important authority that I have under the Act, which in this instance, allowed my Office to pursue these serious allegations and bring them to light.”

Having previously been the Chairperson of the Parole Board, Commissioner Dion recused himself from this file from the onset, although the founded wrongdoings committed by Mr. Tufnell happened after Mr. Dion’s tenure as Chair.

As required by the Act, Mr. Dion must table all findings of wrongdoing in Parliament and include recommendations, when required, made to the Chief Executive of the affected organization.  

The full report can be found on the Office’s website at


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