Founded wrongdoing by the former President and Chief Executive Officer of Blue Water Bridge Canada

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On February 21, 2012, my Office received a protected disclosure of wrongdoing against Mr. Charles Chrapko, who at the time was President and Chief Executive Officer of Blue Water Bridge Canada (BWBC). 

BWBC is a federal parent Crown corporation, as defined in the Financial Administration Act. It is accountable for the construction and operation of two bridges, located between Point Edward/Sarnia, Ontario and Port Huron, Michigan, in addition to being responsible for equipping and maintaining facilities for the interviewing, examination and detention of persons and goods by Canadian customs officers.

The discloser(s) alleged that Mr. Chrapko provided two excessive severance packages, in 2008 and again in 2011, to two BWBC managers who were married at the time. 


The investigation found that Mr. Chrapko misused public funds and seriously breached The Blue Water Bridge Authority Code of Ethics and Conduct for Members of Supervision by awarding two excessive severance payouts to two BWBC managers totaling more than $650,000.

Commissioner’s Recommendations

The main shortcoming identified in this case was the lack of severance compensation guidelines at BWBC; however, during the course of this investigation, the BWBC Board of Directors approved a BWBC Severance Pay Policy in February 2012. The Commissioner, therefore, made no recommendation in this case.


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