Integrity Commissioner makes finding of wrongdoing against CEO John Lynn of Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation

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Ottawa, May 27, 2014 – The Public Sector Integrity Commissioner, Mario Dion, tabled a Case Report on founded wrongdoing in both Houses of Parliament today. The Case Report found that Mr. John Lynn, Chief Executive Officer of Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation (ECBC), committed a serious breach of his organization’s code of conduct by appointing four individuals who had publicly demonstrated ties to the Conservative Party of Canada or the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia.

“Mr. Lynn unilaterally hired these individuals, giving the appearance that they were partisan appointments,” stated Mr. Dion. “Federal organizations are required to be impartial and politically neutral.”

Although Mr. Lynn – as Chief Executive Officer – had the authority to appoint individuals without a formal process, he did not act, in the words of ECBC’s own code of conduct, in a manner so scrupulous that it bears the closest public scrutiny.

The investigation found that there was little or no documented justification for the appointments and nothing to demonstrate that they were merit-based. Further, there was a pattern to Mr. Lynn’s actions that deviated from the norm, given that all non-executive positions were staffed via competitive processes during his tenure while all executive positions were staffed without.

“Mr. Lynn’s actions were incompatible with the trust that the Government of Canada and the public has placed in him as Chief Executive Officer,” stated the Commissioner in his report. 

The purpose of the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act (the Act) is to provide employees of the federal public sector with a safe means to disclose information that they believe could constitute a wrongdoing as defined in the Act. It also provides those who disclose or who participate in an investigation protection from reprisal. Reprisal complaints are investigated by the Office and referred to the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Tribunal when there are reasonable grounds to believe that reprisal has taken place. The Tribunal has the power to order appropriate corrective measures and proper disciplinary sanctions. 

Please consult the full Case Report for further details.




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