Joe Friday Tables First Annual Report as Public Sector Integrity Commissioner

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Ottawa, June 18, 2015 –Joe Friday, tabled the Office of the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner’s eighth annual report today; his first as the new recently-appointed Integrity Commissioner. 

“Our goal is to strengthen the trust in our public institutions and in public servants by building a robust, fair and independent whistleblowing regime,” said Commissioner Friday in his report. “With a strong team of dedicated professionals working together to achieve this goal, I am confident of our ability to continue to effectively deliver our sensitive and important mandate.”

The report outlines the Office’s operational achievements for the last fiscal year including two case reports of founded wrongdoing tabled in Parliament: one on the subject of partisan hirings at a Crown Corporation and the other about flying overweight aircraft at the RCMP. The Office also referred three cases of reprisal to the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Tribunal, which were settled “out-of-court”. 

The number of disclosures made to the Office has increased to 90 from 84 the previous year.  The number of complaints of reprisal is stable at 28 compared to 29 the previous year.

Finally, in recognizing the importance of dealing with cases in a timely fashion, the Office reports having met all targets established for their service standards in 2014-15 which are:

  • General Inquiries responded to within one working day
  • A decision whether to investigate a disclosure will be made, following a full analysis and legal review, within 90 days of a file being opened
  • Investigations will be completed within one year of being launched


The full report is available at /eng/publications/2014-15-annual-report  






For more information, contact:

Edith Lachapelle
Manager, Communications
Office of the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner of Canada
Telephone: 613-946-2138 or BB: 613-294-1678