2014–15 Departmental Performance Report - Supplementary Information Tables


Reporting on the User Fees Act

General and Financial Information by Fee

General Information
Fee name Fees for processing requests filed under the Access to Information Act
Fee type Other products and services
Fee-setting authority Access to Information Act
Year introduced 1988
Year last amended 1992
Performance standard A response is provided withing 30 days following receipt of a request; the response time may be extended under section 9 of the Access to Information Act.
Performance results The department responded within 30 days in 100 per cent of cases.*
Other information  


*Includes cases where a Notice of Extension is sent to the requester within 30 days of receipt of the request 

Financial Information, 2014-15 (dollars)
Forecast revenue Actual revenue Full cost
0 45 32,900


Financial Information, 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18 (dollars)
Planning year Forecast revenue Estimated full cost
2015-16 0 75,000
2016-17 0 50,000
2017-18 0 50,000







Overview of the Federal Government's Approach to Sustainable Development

The Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (FSDS) 2013–16 presents the Government of Canada's sustainable development activities, as required by the Federal Sustainable Development Act. In keeping with the objectives of the Act to make environmental decision making more transparent and accountable to Parliament, the Office of the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner supports the implementation of the FSDS through the activities in this supplementary information table.

Although the Office of the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner is not bound by the Federal Sustainable Development Act and is not required to develop a departmental sustainable development strategy, the Office of the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner adheres to the principles of the FSDS.

Sustainable Workplace Operations
As of April 1, 2015, the Government of Canada will update and adopt policies and practices to improve the sustainability of its workplace operations.
Performance Measurement
Expected result
Departmental workplace operations have a reduced environmental impact.
Performance indicator Performance level achieved
An approach to maintain or improve the sustainability of the departmental workplace is in place by March 31, 2015. Achieved, plan was in place in 2012
Implementation strategy element or best practice Performance level achieved
Maintain or improve existing approaches to sustainable workplace practices (i.e. printer ratios, paper usage, and green meetings). Achieved